Hi there! I’m Joelle, a passionate storyteller and professional
third wheel.

Enneagram 3, with a strong wing 2... I live for dark chocolate, am always in a cardigan, and swear by the power of a bold lip.



I dreamed of ways to help people and being able to create at the same time.

I honestly couldn't tell you why but I was drawn to capturing the moments happening all around from a very young age, but I was. I latched on to disposable cameras, carrying around multiple at a time. Then came the digital camera. I always had one of those in my bag or around my wrist. (yep, I'm that millennial that has dozens of mirror selfies with that obnoxious camera flash, lol.) The last transition was to a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera). My parents gave me my first Canon DSLR right before I began college at Grand Valley State University. From there I honed in my journalistic approach, capturing all that was around me. People cheering in the stands at football games, friends gathering, and the beauty of the landscape around me. And now, I have the privilege of photographing the stunning human stories around me.

I'll always choose a mug

Then I finally found my purpose, helping you show up in front of the camera, confident and excited.

I want nothing more than to tell your story. Our time together is all about you, and your story. I want the messy version, I want the passion that spills over into everything. I want the belly laughs, I want the sass. There is nothing more stunning than the authentic vulnerability I get to share with all of you in front of my camera. There's this moment when you stop worrying about what your arm is doing. You stop being nervous and you just get to be. It's the best, I live for that moment with you. And then when you get your photos and you come alive with confidence and all of the emotions that were flowing - ugh sooo much fun!

Being the person who gets to tell your story through photographs is such an honor and I want you to feel that in all of our moments together and when you look back through your photographs. I'm all in during our time together; I don't want to just show up with my camera and "shoot". My relationships are so much more than that. We're going on a journey together, I'm going to be right beside you, cheering you on.

Enneagram 3, cardigan queen, and mug collector. I'll never turn down pup cuddles, or really anything cozy.

Top: Jace, my cuddly child. Left: River, who seems to always have her tongue out. Right: My hubby and I on an anniversary trip!


I'd like you to meet, my person. My partner in crime. Simply my favorite human.

I wouldn't be able to show up and be who I am without my loving support system though! When I've got my headphones on hunkered down in my "editing cave" or pulling off a double header wedding weekend; the real MVP is my husband, Tyler.

He was the one who gave me the nudge I needed in 2017 to truly pursue my photography passions. He helped file all of the paperwork to make Lavender Sage a real life LLC. He makes sure the fridge has actual food in it (not just cheese and Bubly's). Our home is always clean and cozy and he's ready to talk through my most grand business ideas whenever they come spilling out. He truly is my partner. Need I go on!? ;)

I'm so lucky!


Joelle is the founder of Lavender Sage Photography. She's a passionate photographer who loves all things cozy. She hopes to be known for telling your stories fiercely and authentically.




I live gluten free. It's 100% not by choice! Thank goodness for the doc who caught it.


I've been a part of the same book club for over 8 years. We're the most chill book club. #didn'treadthebook


One of my all time favorite shows is Bones. I believe this is really where my true-crime obsession took hold.


My hair color and style changes multiple times a year, it's a thing I'm kind of known for *shrug* 

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

cuddling up with a good book and my pups <3

celeb i'd love to meet

Julianne Hough or Reese Witherspoon

Guilty pleasure

watching Love Island

alternate universe job:

Interior Designer, I love creating thoughtful spaces!

favorite place i've been:


drink of choice

raspberry Bubly

can't live without

my lavender chapstick

usually craving

dark chocolate or tacos

beach vs mountains

mountains, especially with the pups

favorite show to binge

Bones or Gilmore Girls

This is the fun part where we can really get to know each other! And then let's do this thang! I'm ready, are you!?

Let's do it!


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